GoHighLevel Integration

How to Deploy Voice Assistants on GoHighLevel


Marketplace Link: https://marketplace.gohighlevel.com/integration/653bee8ab4783e721f7b1348 Notes

  • The Synthflow App can be used for Agency and Subaccount


  • An active subscription with Synthflow.ai is required.

  • Generate an API-Key within your Synthflow.ai dashboard.

Preparing Your Assistants in Synthflow.ai

  • For Inbound Calls: You must have an Inbound Assistant configured in Synthflow.ai.

  • For Outbound Calls: You must set up an Outbound Workflow Assistant in Synthflow.ai.

Successfully integrating Synthflow.ai for both inbound and outbound calls within your GoHighLevel account involves creating two specific workflows: one for making calls and another for retrieving transcripts.

Workflow #1: Make the Call

To initiate calls via Synthflow.ai, create the first workflow automation in GHL.

  1. Create a Workflow Trigger:

    • Select “Contact Tag” as your trigger.

    • Apply filters and choose "call"

  2. Configure the Call Action:

    • Add a "Make A Phone Call" action and select Synthflow.ai - AI Phone Assistant

    • Enter the Model ID, which can be found in the Synthflow.ai app under the "More info" section.

    • Set the contact's phone number and first name fields:

      • Phone: Use the contact’s raw format phone number.

      • Name: Input the contact’s first name.

    • Insert your Synthflow.ai API key, which is available under the API tab in the Synthflow.ai app.

    • Map the 'lead_name' to the contact's first name for personalization.

    ⚠️ Lead_name is the variable automatically in the greeting on our tool. If you want to add more Keys & Values, please add them both here and in Synthflow in the prompt as variables. They need to match the same naming convention.

Workflow #2: Retrieving the Call Transcript

To capture the call transcript, proceed with the following workflow.

  1. Set Up an Inbound Webhook Trigger:

    • Copy the provided webhook URL (POST/GET/PUT)

    • Paste this URL into the Synthflow.ai web app under your Assistant’s Deployment settings for GHL, and initialize.

    • Select the MAPPING REFERENCE dropdown and pick any sample request

  2. Add Create or Update Contact Action:

    • Use the "Create/Update Contact" action to log the phone number from the Inbound Webhook.

  3. Add a Notes Action:

    • Utilize the "Notes" action to record the call transcript, duration, and status by clicking Custom Values > Inbound Webhook Trigger > Transcript/Duration/Status

! Important: Always Keep Allow re-entry enabled

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