Stage Recognition


The 'Stage Recognition' feature allows the Agent to recognize the current stage of a conversation and adjust its behavior accordingly. By maintaining the context and keeping the conversation aligned with the predefined stages, this feature significantly helps reduce the hallucinations that AI models can sometimes experience, resulting in more coherent and context-appropriate responses.

Sequential Script

The 'Sequential Script' is a sub-feature within Stage Recognition. When activated, it ensures a guided conversation, even if the user deviates from the expected path. This is particularly beneficial in scenarios like sales, where the agent needs to gather all customer details while maintaining an interactive dialogue.

Use Case

An example scenario could be a sales conversation, where the conversation progresses through multiple stages like introduction, qualification, value proposition, needs analysis, solution presentation, objection handling, and closing. Each of these stages requires different responses and behaviors from the Agent, which can be managed using the 'Stage Recognition' feature.

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